Mid/Large Frame Billet Race Series CT5 and CT6 Turbochargers

Mid frame Turbine wheel
Mid Frame compressor Cover
Mid Frame Center housing
Mid Frame compressor Cover 2nd view

Comp Turbo Technology, Inc. Continues to expand and improve their line of high performance turbochargers by announcing the new model CT5 and CT6 turbocharger that has the capability of an extended performance range and more rapid acceleration than previously available CT models.

The new CT5 and CT6 model features:

  • Billet compressor wheels
  • The patented TRIPLEX Ceramic ball bearing system
  • New low inertia, full bladed, high flow turbine wheel that extends the range of application to engines of larger frame sizes

The low inertia rotating assembly in the new CT model can produce faster acceleration rates on the larger engine sizes that it now can be applied to.

Runs a CT6


  • T4 V-band inlet and outlet or T6 turbine housing options
  • With or without surge compressor housing
  • Polished compressor housing
  • Polished bearing housing
  • Ceramic coated turbine housing

CT5 Billet Race Turbo

Compressor housing (5" inlet 3.5" V-outlet)
Turbine housing options T4 or T6

  • CT5 7284BR
  • CT5 7484BR
  • CT5 7687BR
  • CT5 8287BR
  • CT5 8487BR
  • CT5 8894BR
  • CT5 9194BR
  • CT5 94100BR

CT6 Billet Race Turbo

Compressor housing CT6 (6" inlet 3.5" V-outlet)
Turbine housing options T4 or T6

  • CT6 8894BR
  • CT6 9194BR
  • CT6 98100BR
  • CT6 101106BR
  • CT6 106106BR
  • CT6 112106BR
  • CT6 122112BR

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