Extended Tip Technology

Now Available from Comp Turbo, the new Billet XH-F compressor wheel with Extended tip technology.

Billet Compressor wheel top view Billet Compressor wheel side view Billet Compressor Wheel top view

Testimonial from Erik Maldonado

Erik Maldonado Owner and driver of the Little Gabriel, Mazda R-100 with a 13B Rotary engine on alcohol. We where using Garrett Turbo and ran a best 7.15 with a 4.58 to the 1/8. Now with the CT6 Billet Series Turbo from Comp Turbo we ran a 7.11 with a mild tune up. We made a 1/8 mile best run of 1.02 60ft, 2.89 330ft, 4.47 660ft, for sure a 6 second run. Thanks to Comp Turbo for all their support.

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