Extended Tip Technology

Now Available from Comp Turbo, the new Billet XH-F compressor wheel with Extended tip technology.

Billet Compressor wheel top view Billet Compressor wheel side view Billet Compressor Wheel top view

    Extended Tip Technology

  • -The improvement will add greater air flow.
  • -Faster boost response at lower engine speeds.
  • -Increased efficiency at higher boost pressures.
  • -20% increased air flow to our competitors design.

    The New Billet X-HF Extended tip Compressor wheels are available in the following sizes.

  • 91mm/68mm
  • 102mm/72mm
  • 102mm/74mm
  • 102mm/77mm
  • 108mm/80mm
  • 118mm/88mm

Testimonial from Erik Maldonado

Erik Maldonado Owner and driver of the Little Gabriel, Mazda R-100 with a 13B Rotary engine on alcohol. We where using Garrett Turbo and ran a best 7.15 with a 4.58 to the 1/8. Now with the CT6 Billet Series Turbo from Comp Turbo we ran a 7.11 with a mild tune up. We made a 1/8 mile best run of 1.02 60ft, 2.89 330ft, 4.47 660ft, for sure a 6 second run. Thanks to Comp Turbo for all their support.

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