CT5/CT6 Oil-Less Turbochargers

  • CT5/CT6 Oil-Less Turbo
  • CT5/CT6 Oil-Less Turbo

The CT5X and CT6 Line of Turbochargers are now availible in the Oil-Less 2.0

TRIPLEX CERAMICâ„¢ Oil-Less Turbocharger Technology

Comp Turbo Technology Inc, continues to extend the boundaries of turbocharger technology by announcing the availability of what is believed to be the first commercial automotive turbocharger that does not require a lubricating oil supply from the engine. Lube oil supply and drain lines are no longer necessary and the Comp Turbo oil-less turbocharger can be mounted in a variety of positions and locations that were not possible when lube oil had to be gravity drained back into the engine crank case.

Historically, lube oil has been the source of a number of problems throughout the development of the small automotive turbocharger. The thick viscosity of lube oil in cold weather causes a significant time lag before oil reaches the turbocharger bearings. Repeated hot shutdowns of an engine can cause a buildup of hard carbon within the turbocharger's bearing housing. In addition, the piston ring oil seals used in commercial turbochargers have a small leak path that has caused a minor but persistent problem up to and including some current models. All these annoyances have been eliminated by removing the use of lube oil in the Comp Turbo oil-less turbocharger.

Designated the Model CT3B-OL, it employs the well proven, patented TRIPLEX CERAMICâ„¢ bearing system with high temperature grease lubrication. Replacing lube oil with grease results in a lower friction loss in the bearing system allowing somewhat faster acceleration of the turbocharger rotor, which is quite advantageous in racing applications. Since the ball bearing carrier in the new oil-less turbo can be easily removed from the bearing housing as an assembly, the bearings can be re-greased at appropriate intervals, thereby extending their service life indefinitely.

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