Billet X-HF 2.0 7/14 Compressor Wheels

  • X-HF Billet Compressor Wheel
  • X-HF Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Lower Inertia
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Extended Tip Technology to Maximize Efficiency at highest boost pressure

Comp Turbo X-HF billet compressor wheel

Comp Turbo is proud to announce the release of our new line of XHF 2.0 Billet compressor wheels.

After intense research and development the new X-HF 2.0 provide the following improvements: billet compressor wheel design flows 15-20% more air flow than prior X-HF impeller design. The X-HF line is machined from high grade billet aluminum for durability and lower inertia. The Comp Turbo X-HF 2.0 line is the most advanced compressor wheel design and was engineered for maximum performance output.

Extended Tip Technology

  • The improvement will add greater air flow.
  • Faster boost response at lower engine speeds.
  • Increased efficiency at higher boost pressures.
  • 10% increased air flow over our prior X-HF 1.0

For more information please contact our technical support team.
Tel. 909-594-8400 or Email at Sales@compturbo.com