Comp Turbo Technology Inc. Sponsorships

Policy Information

Comp Turbo recognizes the importance of providing product for high profile vehicles that will help the company gain visibility and exposure in magazine feature articles.

We receive such a large volume of requests that the company has instituted a policy of requiring a formal, written proposal along with color renderings and/or photos of the proposed project so our review committee can give each request the proper attention and consideration it deserves. Phone call inquiries cannot be accepted.

Proposals must include a detailed description of the project, information on who owns the vehicle, paint products requested, list of events/shows/exhibits where the vehicle will appear, other media exposure that will be generated, along with examples of past editorial coverage that the company/individual has achieved so we can be assured of the company/individual's ability to obtain publicity.

Comp Turbo requires all persons or companies requesting products to agree to, and follow, the guidelines listed below for Tuner/Hot Rods/Street Rods/Trucks/Chopper/Street Bikes:

What we also require:

  • Turbocharger product received for this vehicle must be kept in top conditions and no other force induction company's products or identification may appear on said vehicle.
  • Comp Turbo is not responsible for supplying compensation for engine failure
  • All turbochargers supplied for the sponsored vehicle must be used solely for said vehicle and is not to be re-sold, transferred, held in storage or otherwise modified.
  • A sponsorship includes product only. Other costs such as labor and sundries are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Turbo products must be on vehicle for no less than twelve months. Comp Turbo logo placement must be maintained on the vehicle for this same period.
  • "Comp Turbo" must be included on all signage that appears with the vehicle, sponsor boards, and in all source box listings as follows: Web Site: www.compturbo.com

Comp Turbo retains detailed documentation files as evidence to support all turbocharger sponsorships. We require written follow-up summary reports that include photos of the vehicle at events, tear sheets of magazine feature stories, copies of ads/brochures/other promotional literature where the vehicle is featured, along with any other proof that demonstrates all elements of the sponsorship proposal have been fulfilled.

Comp Turbo requires all owners to supply credit card information in case said party fails to comply with requirements of the contract. Comp Turbo will charge full retail price for products that have been supplied if participants fail to meet the guidelines specified in our policy. Photographs and/or videos of the vehicle are to be supplied to Comp Turbo within 60 days for the date which the product is supplied.

All proposals, photographs and information submitted shall become property of Comp Turbo unless otherwise arranged. Comp Turbo also requires that the owner of each sponsored vehicle complete a feedback form. Any of this information can be used for advertisements, press releases, and promotions by Comp Turbo.

Download and complete this Form and send via email.

For US applicants send to sponsorships@compturbo.com

For European applicants send to Kai Bakken at kai@krbtrading.no

Examples of sponsored racers

Sverre Isachsen

The European Champion the last two years is Sverre Isachsen. The 39 year old Norwegian has probably the most Professional team in international rally cross, and also won the Nordic and the Norwegian Championship with his Ford Focus in 2010.

Name: Sverre Isachsen
Born: 11.11.1970
Family: Gro Anita and the kids Sander and Dina
Lives: Hokksund, Norway
Club: KNA Eiker

2004: Seventh in ERC, Norwegian Champion
2005: Third in ERC
2006: Fourth in ERC (won most races)
2007 : Fourth in ERC
2008 : Fourth in ERC
2009 : European Champion!
2010: European Champion, Nordic Champion, Norwegian Champion!


Fredric Aasbo

2010 Rookie of the year in the Formula Drift Series.
Top four out of 32 in the streets of Long Beach 2010 Drift Series.
Placed 13th in the final standings Formula Drift Series.