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The story behind Matt Blasco going to drag week 2015 was motivated by the passing of his mother last year as she bought the Dodge Dart for him when he was 15 for $150. He had the car ever since in various stages, the current being the best to date. The ultimate plan which will get the most press even before drag week 2016 is to become the first 6 second Mopar street car in the world. It's attainable as it makes over 2000RWHP so we are going to shake it down till it does.

As for coverage in Hot Rod, the car ended up being David Frieburgers favourite car of Drag Week 2015. He won Fastest Mopar of drag week 2015 and made #19 on the fastest passes of all time list for drag week.

The car has been in Street Machine Magazine from Australia, RoadKill Magazine, Hot Rod magazine, Quicktimes magazine and Mopar Muscle.

He plans on running Drag Week 2016 pending no catastrophic failures before hand and winning Pro Street power adder as he had it in the bag until our trans gave out.

He attend lots of racing events all throughout western Canada and into the north western USA. He goes to large car shows and it always seems to draw big crowds being all Mopar powered. The car was at World of Wheels in February on request so it has a great following.


  • 1972 Dodge Dart
  • Engine: 440-based 572i engine with Predator cylinder heads, 1,970 hp at tire
  • Turbos: Two Comp Turbo Billet 91mm 3BB
  • Transmission: Extreme Automatics Turbo 400 automatic, Neal Chance 3,000-stall converter
  • Rear axle: Ford 9-inch by LT Industries, Strange spool and 40-spline axles, 3.40 gears
  • Suspension: Varishock coilovers (front), Afco shocks by Mark Menacer (rear), four-link style rear suspension
  • Tires: 195/75R15 Cooper (front) and 33x16x15 Hoosier (rear)