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Comp Turbo Technology, Inc was formed on October, 2007 with the intent to manufacture and design the most advanced turbocharger technology available.

Our facility was established in San Dimas, CA with an assembly room, quality control room, high speed balancing machine and CNC machines to be able to manufacture the high quality turbochargers that the industry requires. Although today's tough economy has had an impact on several industries, Comp Turbo has continued to grow every year due to their unique product and business relations worldwide.

With a lead industry engineer with over 50 years of experience in turbochargers, together they developed the first triple ceramic ball bearing system that has proven to outperform competition. From this successful patented design, they have now developed a mid frame S400 model, T2 model replacement and oil-less turbochargers.

Comp Turbo has a variety of sizes available from an 80hp, 2 stroke, up to a 3500 hp dragster.

Comp Turbo also has knowledge in fuel systems, engines, transmission and turbo system fabrication. They are involved with worldwide teams with a goal to provide the highest quality turbochargers to give their customers an edge to put them ahead of competition.

Look for more interesting innovations in the turbocharger field from Comp Turbo in the future.

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